So, you’re planning your dream wedding. You’ve booked your venues, selected your colors, tried on some lovely dresses, bookmarked a few photographers…and you’ve considered having your special day captured on film, but you’re not sure if it will fit into your budget or how in the world to determine what’s non-negotiable when deciding between who hire.Cinematographers understand that they are not just providing a product and a service, but a relationship and an experience.

Cinematographers are filmmakers - students of film, audio, lighting, and color theory. They are lifelong learners that experiment with new techniques and adopt new technologies - not because they are popular, but because they understand that doing this ultimately provides value to their clients, and in turn, their brand.

A cinematographer’s toolset includes HD or HDSLR cameras, high-quality tripods, unobtrusive camera stabilization rigs, dollies or sliders, lighting kits, wireless audio equipment, and a post-production software suite including professional-grade applications for editing, motion graphics, compression, DVD authoring, and color correction.


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